• Option A

    • In-home consultation
    • You just want some suggestions for improving the appeal of your home but intend to do the work yourself. This option includes a one hour viewing of your home, then verbal detailed suggestions for paint color*, furniture arranging, maximizing curb appeal and interior decor.
    • Cost: $150

  • Option B

    • In-home consultation and written staging plan
    • You intend to do the prep work and staging yourself. This option includes a one hour viewing of  your home, followed by a detailed written plan for you to follow. This includes but is  not limited to suggestions for paint color*, improvement of curb appeal, furniture editing and arranging, and interior decor. It will contain specific suggestions for resourcing items needed, and visual shopping lists. A final walk through by the home staging expert is available for an additional $100.
    • Cost: $300

  • Option C

    • In-home consultation and hands on staging using existing furnishings in an occupied home.
    • You will need a stager to design and implement a staging plan. This option includes a one hour viewing of your home, an written action plan, and hands-on staging using existing furnishings (re arranging indoor and outdoor furnishings, organizing shelving, editing decor, and creating an inviting space with maximum impact for potential buyers). Cleaning and painting are done by owner or their chosen contractors.  A visual shopping list for needed decor will be provided; designer furniture, art and accessories are also available on request for the cost of rental.
    • Cost: initial consultation and written plan $200 plus hourly rate of $100 per hour, minimum 4 hours

  • Option D

    • Staging a vacant home
    • The stager designs and implements a staging plan, and arranges for furnishings and decor. This option is by bid only, and prices depend upon number of rooms to be staged and availability of designer furniture, art and accessories.
    • Cost: By bid only

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